01. The [texture] of a snake's skin is surprisingly dry and smooth.
02. Our sense of touch allows us to acquire information about the weight, shape, firmness and [texture] of objects in our environment.
03. Frogs have excellent camouflage, using both color and [texture] to blend with their surroundings.
04. The garden is gloriously designed with a stunning variety of flowers and shrubs of different colors, shapes and [textures].
05. Honey is used in many cough syrups because its smooth, thick [texture] soothes throats.
06. Celeste often likes to wear fabrics with soft or silky [textures].
07. Octopus is a popular dish in many countries, despite having what many North Americans consider to be a rubbery [texture].
08. Until the late 1800s, artists largely only created illusions of [texture] in their paintings.
09. When we see something, we recognize its [texture] from our past experience of similar objects.
10. We can experience the [texture] of an object by touching or feeling it.
11. The [texture] of the human brain is much like tofu.
12. I don't like to eat Japanese natto because the [texture] totally grosses me out.
13. We bought this super-cheap toilet paper, and discovered the stuff had the [texture] of sandpaper.
14. The gloves have a [textured] palm which allows you to keep a firm grip on your tools.
15. The restaurant serves veggie 'chicken' balls made of [textured] soy protein.
16. The tofu I use for stir-fries has a bit firmer [texture] than the tofu I use to make desserts.
17. Canvas became popular as a painting surface when artists discovered that the woven [texture] of canvas held paint better than wood did.
18. The portraits of Hans Holbein show a taste for elaborately detailed surface [textures] and richly colorful patterns.
19. Hair [texture] is one of the criteria used for racial classification.
20. The ceiling is [textured], so it's going to be harder to repaint than a smooth wall.
21. Her writing has a rich, earthy [texture] which is very accessible.
22. Jesse Jackson once remarked that America is not like a blanket - one piece of unbroken cloth, the same color, the same [texture], the same size.
23. Vladimir Nabokov once stated that the verbal poetical [texture] of Shakespeare is the greatest the world has known.

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